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A Funny Thing Happened at the Beach

I took my lovelies to my favourite beach yesterday! It’s a 2 hour drive from home but it was worth it. It really is my happy place ­čÖé

meThere was lots of playing in the sand, splashing, swimming and exploring. An absolutely fantastic day.

Well during this day of hanging out and relaxing there was lots of talking. ┬áMy soon-to-be-teen and I were chatting about some of the stupid reality TV shows that are out there. Since we don’t have cable, she was wondering where I was watching one of the shows that I mentioned. I told her that I saw part of an episode at Kirk’s place.

She said to me, “Isn’t he the guy that likes sex?”. EEP!! I almost swallowed my tongue, I mean I didn’t remember having THAT conversation with her!┬áI quickly composed myself and said, “Pardon?” She said, “Isn’t he the guy that likes his ex?” (Say both sentences out loud and quickly, you’ll see how I misheard the first time.)┬á“Yes”, I replied, “that’s him“. (My daughter and I were discussing the challenges of dating on a previous occasion and I shared more than usual, lol).

OMG, I was laughing on the inside for that one. It was too good not to share and since I figured that I had already shared enough with my oldest, you guys get to hear about the funny instead. I hope it made you smile too.

sandBTW, does anyone know why the sand does that when you scoop it out of the water? I’m assuming it has to do with trapped air escaping but the sand was under the water where there is no air….


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