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Meeting Someone for Dinner on Tuesday

So I’m making plans to meet a man for the first time for dinner on Tuesday. I was actually surprised when he suggested meeting, our communication wasn’t more than about once/day and he only answered my questions but didn’t ask any back. Online dating is just so tricky, you never know what the other person is thinking. I really didn’t think he was interested and was about to stop chatting with him. I guess he just doesn’t like chatting online, or at least that is the way that things appear. Or maybe he isn’t a talker at all…

This is what I know: He’s my age, lives about 30 minutes away (which isn’t too bad), is an engineer, well-travelled and likes to dance. He seems like a pretty good catch on first glance, but as I said, we haven’t talked much so the first meeting will determine if there is actually any connection.

I’d like to meet someone who lives fairly close by. Even an hour away seems arduous when you are trying to make a go of things.  I just tried that and it was pretty tricky to say the least. Between schedules and kids and extra-curricular stuff, it is not always easy to coordinate. Being slightly closer will (hopefully) make those obstacles slightly smaller.

Feel free to wish me luck for Tuesday, I could sure use it :). And I’ll let you know how it goes.

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