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Energy Healing

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying out some of the different methods of Energy Healing that are out there today. I guess it all started when I began looking into meditation, then I came across a project called Heal Your Life which was doing intro videos to things like Qi Gong, Tapping, Chakra healing, smile healing, etc. I tried out several but my favourite had to do with the chakras. I think part of the reason why is that the chakras have been around for a long time and are also part of the meditation program that I’m trying to master.

English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar20...

English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar2000TM bio-energy sensor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 7 chakras and each chakra affects different parts of your life. Chakras are thought to be centres of life force or energy.  You can have open/ strong or closed/ weak chakras and each chakra can act independently from one another or they can work together. Of course they are most powerful when they are all strong and working together. When  your chakras are strong or open, it is easier for good things to come into your life.

Based on the little bit of experimenting that I have done, my chakras are a mess, lol. But I think that the work I have done in the past 8 months has made some moderate improvements in them. I feel like that things are starting to head in the right direction for me.

I’m know I’m getting a little hippy-ish with talk of energy healing but I really believe that there are some viable options out there in terms of alternative medicine. Most of these forms of energy healing are based in ancient far East traditions and religions. They have been around for thousands of years. So who am I to dispute energy healing and meditation as methods to living a happier, more abundant life?

I have been practising an Abundance Mantra for several months now and I feel that it is helping me. Even if you don’t believe in energy healing or meditation you can’t dispute that focusing on the positive aspects of life is healthier than focusing on the negative.

If you spend all of your time enveloped in the negative, it doesn’t take long for you to develop a pretty negative opinion of everything and life itself. If you focus on the positive (which is sometimes difficult to do) then you have a greater chance to see opportunities that are presented to you, you have a healthier outlook on life and you are a happier person in general.

I know that some days I complain about my life and the fact that I have been unemployed for 10 months but the fact is that I have been on a great journey during this time which probably would not have been possible if I had been working and stressed like in my previous job. And that journey has led me to explore energy healing and I kind of like it. Maybe you should check it out too.

August Challenge

I came across a blog post on Dumb Little Man called Don’t Waste Another Day! Get Motivated With 8 Ways To Put A Rocket Under Your Butt And Get 2013 Back On Track! 

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit off track with what I am doing here with this project. I think I have been distracted by the whole dating side of things and have not spent enough time focusing on making myself happy or more positive.  This is a direct quote from my About page: “I’m hoping for more fulfilment, more smiles, more meaningful relationships and better health.” So to directly address the fulfilment, happiness and positivity aspects of my overall goals, I’m going to re-focus and try out some mediation for the month of August. 

Challenge ClockFaceI attempted to meditate months ago but I found it hard and gave up feeling unsuccessful. I re-visited the whole meditation thing last week in my Weekly Actions and felt like I had made a little progress. I found an online Meditation course which seemed to point me in the right direction so I am going to use it in the month of August to help guide me through the process.

I really think that meditation is a valid way to help me achieve personal happiness so I need to give it my best effort. Wish me luck!

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