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Experience Gratitude and Be Present

Here’s a reminder to be present in your life.

Today is a gift. Open your eyes and your heart to it. Experience it in its glory. There will never be another day like this one. Take the time to see what is right before you and to let it envelop you with its beauty. There is always beauty.

I came across this gem of a video the other day and wanted to share it with you as it is a reminder to appreciate today, to connect with nature and to look for the beauty in your surroundings.

My New Mascot, He’s a Little Corny

beside the trail I went for a walk on Sunday looking for a little inspiration. I veered off my normal path and ended up here. Pretty darn spectacular I think. There was one problem though, the water was fairly close to the highway so even though it was a gorgeous spot, it was noisy and not in a relaxing way :(.

Anyway, I blocked the noise as best I could as I poked around. While I was embracing nature I found a little acorn in my path. Since acorns are really just stored up potential ready to burst forth and turn into a tree, I decided to keep this little acorn as my mascot. It is a symbol of new beginnings and potential.

acornYou see, since I’ve made a commitment to write every day, the writing has turned into work. Perhaps a physical representation of potential, of something waiting to burst forth will help.

I find that my creativity seems to have shut down. I have a feeling it is me shutting down though. If I don’t actually write a book then I can’t actually fail can I? I don’t know if that is me balking against a new challenge or if the process is harder now that I’m not just throwing together blog posts for fun.

I think I need to do something different, something out of the ordinary, something to shake things up. Perhaps I need a road trip; somewhere different from the regular old hangouts. Or maybe I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. Maybe I need to paint or dance or play with playdoh. Maybe I just need to take a notebook and write in the park for a change.

Tomorrow I’m going to do something different, with enough shaking something is bound to come loose.


Life IS Better at the Beach

life-is-better-at-the-beach I was having a hard morning yesterday. The night before there was a misunderstanding with the guy I’m seeing (that’s what happens when you try to have a relationship by text) so when I woke up I was still feeling a little upset. Then I saw (on Facebook) that my ex broke up with his girlfriend, or she broke up with him, I have no details. At first I was happy because I figure if I’m doomed to be perpetually single then he should be too. But shortly after, I realized it didn’t make me happy, it just made me focus on the whole single thing again.

I wish I could learn to be happy by myself. I mean, when I hang out by myself, I’m ok for the most part. I just really want a partner to do things with. It’s more fun to do things with someone else.

Anyway, all of that is beside the point, the point IS that I was cranky all morning. When I’d finally had enough of myself I packed up the kids and we hit the beach. It’s not much of a beach, a small lake with a bit of sand but it did the trick.

IMG00620-20130704-1442 IMG00621-20130704-1443 IMG00622-20130704-1443

Gradually I started to feel better. I went in the water, I soaked in some rays, I chatted with my kids. It did take a little while but nature definitely won out and changed my state of mind. I’m glad I went, the beach has always been good for my soul.

Life really IS better at the beach!

Beach Day

IMG00570-20130606-0933One of my actions for this week was to take a field trip to the beach. I didn’t think I was going to make it but as luck would have it I did. There are no beaches super close to where I live, the nicest one is about an hour away.

Well, it just so happened that a friend invited me to their place to visit today and they live very close to the beach. So I said yes and managed to kill two birds with one stone.

I got to the beach shortly after 9am and although the day was a beauty, the breeze coming off the water was chilly. So I wandered around barefoot for a bit but then decided to enjoy the beach from the comfort of my car, lol.

I cracked the window so I could hear the water lap up on the shore and enjoyed the sun as it warmed me through the glass. After a bit, I braved the outside again. I poked around the rocks, picking some pretty white ones in case I get inspired to make them into necklaces and I picked one round one for my flower garden. I also dipped my toes in the freezing water and met a nice man and his little dog. Of course the man was in his 70s and not really my type, but a man nonetheless.

I really enjoyed hanging out at the beach for a bit today. Next time I go, I will pick a warmer day; it just so happens that today was probably my best choice weather-wise for this week. I actually love to go to the beach during all of the seasons, each one has it’s own beauty but I vote for more heat on my next trip. Next time, I might pick a beach with fewer rocks too :).



I Have a Flower Garden!

I think I have finished planting my flower garden!!

IMG00568-20130602-2024 IMG00569-20130602-2024

These pictures may not look like much but I am super happy about this project. Last year I had the flower beds put in; I planted some perennials from bulbs but had very limited success. It really didn’t look like a garden, more like two giant mounds of woodchips and I didn’t have a lot of time to make it better. This year, there was no ‘no time’ excuse so I took on the project and made a plan. Once I roughed together an idea of what I wanted, I planted some perennials from plants. They aren’t super full and will take a few years to get bigger but it actually looks like a garden now.

The two bushes I bought cost $35 each so luckily my sister gave me several plants which reduced my costs significantly. She gave me some ivy, turtle’s head, bee bomb, bleeding heart and some hostas. Those plus the 3 that I planted that actually came back this year and a few annuals up front for summer colour, make up the completed garden.

I could add a couple of more annuals (and may still) but my kids have told me that it looks done :).  Now I need to plant a few veggies. I started today with green peppers but also plan on planting some peas and beans, nothing like fresh peas and beans, yum!

Last Day of My 30×30 Challenge

IMG00554-20130530-1906Today was the last day of my 30x30 challenge. I was kind of hoping to end it on a high note but my 30 minutes today were pretty low on my nature-loving scale, especially since the hungry bugs sucked the fun out everything, literally!

The reason it was slightly disappointing was that my 30 minutes was actually broken into 2 parts: 25 minutes this evening + 5 minutes from earlier in the day. This afternoon I took a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine in my backyard when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. It was not my original plan to actually count those minutes in the backyard but sometimes dire circumstances result in compromises.

When my youngest and I went for a walk this evening the black flies and mosquitoes were out in full force. I think I saw one about the size of a small bird. Ok, maybe not the size of a bird but a very large June bug for sure :P. I did manage to last 25 minutes out in the wilderness but after about the sixth bug bite in a row I bolted for the car. My youngest was already there having given up on Mom’s silly quest after 15 minutes.

I did get a few pictures to document the last day before I ran for cover. They aren’t fantastic as I was swatting bugs while trying to focus, but you can tell I was outside and that’s what counts.

IMG00556-20130530-1912 IMG00561-20130530-1917

All in all, I’m really happy I took the challenge and I’m pleased with the way things turned out. I made a definite effort to engage with nature while I was outside. I didn’t just sit in the grass and read a book every day. I went to a variety of locations, I tried to enjoy the sounds, sights and smells while I was out there, and I did my best to go every day. I ended up missing 3 days of the challenge, however, there were many days where I greatly exceeded the 30 minutes so I am proud to say that the challenge was a great success for me.

My plan for June is to do a Plank a Day for the month June, it doesn’t rhyme like “Plank a Day in May”, but I found it too difficult to remember to do both challenges every day for the month of May so I had to reschedule one of them. I’m old and my memory can only hold so much information. I plan to start June 1st so I’ll let you know how it’s going once I get started :).

Waterfall Hunting

For the past several days I have tried to find someone to go waterfall hunting with me but since there were no takers I was forced to go on my own. Even the computer guy blew me off (which isn’t exactly a strike on my 3 strike policy but he didn’t earn any brownie points by cancelling). Anyway, as I was wandering around the woods on my own I realized that it probably was not the best idea to be out there solo, but since I didn’t figure this out until I was already in the woods, I just kept on going. I’d checked out this beauty before so it wasn’t hard to find and not too far off the beaten path.








I love a good waterfall and I hope to go track down some new ones soon. There are supposed to be quite a few in this great province so hopefully I can find a partner in crime to go with me or I’ll just have to force my kids to suck it up and come with.

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