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Can a Parking Ticket = a New Job? I Hope So

Parking ticket in Cambridge (2008-04-01)

Parking ticket in Cambridge (2008-04-01) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got a parking ticket today… $15. I hope it’s worth it. I hope I get the job that I interviewed for for 1.5 hours today. Yep… 1.5 hours. That is a long interview.

I only put 1 hour and 20 minutes in my meter…. damn meter maid. I was late for the meter by 10 minutes and got a ticket in that window. Sigh.

But maybe it’ll turn out to be worth it. Maybe I’ll get a job in the near future. It could happen. I’m still optimistic. I think the interview went well and I think that at least 2 out of the 3 interviewers liked me (it was a bit hard to read the 3rd one). The interview involved a power point presentation (which went great) and way too many questions. I can’t say that I nailed all of them but I think I did well on the majority of them.

In 14 days I will have been unemployed for 1 WHOLE YEAR. I would love to get a job before I reach that milestone. So if everyone could think positive thoughts for me right now, I would appreciate it. And even though I have enjoyed my time off, I would really like to get back to earning a pay check.

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