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Dreaming of Photography

I woke up this morning from an interesting dream.

In it, I had met this sexy, young Italian man at a conference that I had helped organize. We were extremely attracted to each other and became lovers. Within a few days he had fallen in love with me and asked me to come back to Italy with him. I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t falling in love with him too so I said I would for a month. I took a short leave from work, moved to Italy and stayed with him while I pursued my writing and photography. I desperately wanted to photograph him.

I’m not sure what this dream means but it was HOT, and when I woke up it made me want to find an Italian lover and move to Italy for a month, lol.

But seriously, I’ve been thinking about photography a bit more these past few days. A friend of mine told me a couple of days ago that I had an eye for it. And then when I talked to my Mom on Friday she asked me if I had been taking any pictures recently. So I dug out my camera yesterday and went to a Pow Wow to take some shots. It was my first Pow Wow and it was pretty cool. I also took a few pictures of a crow in my backyard today.

I’m not saying I’m going to become a famous photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures so I should probably do more of it. I also need to dig out my photography book to read about taking better pictures. If you’re gonna do something, you might as well figure out how to do it better than before.


Quick Camera Adventure

I went on a quick adventure with my camera today. I didn’t go anywhere exciting, just to a park not too far from where I live. It was great to be out in the midst of nature and all it’s splendour shooting some pics, climbing across rocks and over trees.

Since it’s only mid-April there are not too many trees budding or flowers blooming yet but I think I got a couple of good shots. Fungus, graffiti and beaver teeth marks can be interesting if you just get out there and explore.

Spring sky

Spring buds fungus beaver teeth marks Spring pine bridge graffiti DSC_3683

I’d love to see some of your nature shots. Share your blog with me if you like to go on adventures with your camera.

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