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Adventure is Coming My Way!

I’m uber excited!!! Adventure is coming my way! During the last few days, I decided to take my kids on a road trip to see Katy Perry this summer and my boss asked me if I want to go to Vancouver next month!!

I know, can you believe it?

The road trip was kind of a spur of the moment idea and will cost big bucks but the 3 of us will have an A-MAZING time. I was actually considering not going when I discussed it with Sven and he said I should definitely do it.

I thought he would be all practical and say it was a lot of money, but what he said was, “Do it, you won’t regret it.” And I’m quite sure that I won’t regret it. Plus, it will be so exciting and it will make an awesome memory so I put down a deposit and we are doing it!!!

vancouverThe day after that, my boss asked me if I wanted to go to a conference in Vancouver. First of all, I’ll be working a booth and forced to network which I hate,but the conference is definitely going to interesting and I`ll be exposed to a different culture, plus I get to go to Vancouver and I have never been before! I’m so excited about going that even the thought of exploring Vancouver by myself has not got me down. I’m going to bring my camera, take some pictures and just enjoy.

I have been itching to go somewhere for ages and this trip to Vancouver falls on a week that I can actually go and leave the kids with their Dad. And it will be Springtime and there’ll be mountains and the Pacific ocean and flowers and grass. I am all over that! Can you tell I’m excited?

I was hoping for travel adventures with other people but that plan fell through so I’m just going to suck it up and have my own adventure! And then have another one with my kids. Adventures are good for the soul so I’m glad that I have grabbed both opportunities.

I think there are always the possibilities of adventures, you just have to agree to take part in them. I’m really excited that I said YES!


Unexpected Surprises

What a great holiday this has been. (I’m not counting the blow-outs with my teen as those are temporary and eventually we will outgrow them… hopefully before I run away from home.) But the rest of the holiday has been grand.Tree

The few days leading up to Christmas were a rush of last-minute organizing, shopping, crafting and wrapping but it was all worth it. We even had some family photos done on the 23rd and although I expected none of them to turn out we actually ended up with a couple of really nice ones.

Christmas eve included chilli for 4 (with my kids and ex) and then off to an inter-denominational church service. By the time we got home there was time to open one Christmas present each, track Santa’s progress and get jammies on before hopping into bed and dreaming of sugar plums (OK, probably not sugar plums, more like Monster High dolls and a new cell phone).

Christmas morning began at a leisurely 6:50am with my ex knocking on the door. The kids were already awake but waiting patiently in their rooms for their father to arrive. Then began the flurry of unwrapping, laughter, happy children, games, turkey and movies. All in all, everyone had a fantastic day and I didn’t even mind having my ex in my house for 10 hours.

On Boxing Day we packed up the car and headed out to visit family for a few days. My sister always hosts the whole crew and it started out with 10 people then up to 13 who needed beds for the night. There are always loads of games, food and drinks to go with the newly added abundance of teenage hormones and attitudes. In spite of the latter, a good time was had by all and it ended much too quickly as per usual.

We got home last night to a lot more snow in the yard, luckily I had my ex call a plow so the only shovelling was the deck and walkway. Once inside, I rushed like a madwoman to get ready for my date with Sven. Dinner was a little later than expected but we had a nice time.

We had planned to see each other before Christmas but those plans got cancelled so I took his present to him last night. My kids thought it was a lame gift but he had mentioned wanting a cast iron frying pan so that was what I bought him. At least I knew he would like it.

I actually bought it expecting that I wouldn’t get anything in return. I just didn’t think that Sven would think to get me anything. I was wrong. He bought me a lovely pair of earrings with a matching pendant. I was so surprised at his thoughtful gift. Did I mention I didn’t expect him to get me anything? We didn’t discuss exchanging presents, I got him the frying pan because I wanted to. I guess he got me earrings because he wanted to. For all of the complaining that I do about Sven, this is definitely a +1 for him. We even have plans to get together this weekend even though he doesn’t like to make plans. Hopefully no one will have to cancel.

And tonight is New Year’s Eve. I thought I would be spending it by myself  but a dear friend of mine has invited me over. I’m not sure who I will know there but I have accepted the lovely invite as one of my final ways to put myself out there in 2013.

More Abundance Because No Man is an Island

A thought popped into my head the other day about how I view certain areas of my life with a feeling of scarcity. And by certain areas I mean the whole relationship side of things. I hadn’t given it this label before but once the “scarcity” word popped into my head I realized that it was very accurate.

Even during this past year, I have been focusing on how to create happiness when I am alone. Now it is important, to be happy by yourself and with who you are, but part of the reasoning behind this idea was that I figured that I probably wouldn’t find another long-term relationship. If I am thinking those negative thoughts then I’m sending them out to the universe. So here’s the deal, I’m not going to be thinking those thoughts any more (or I’m going to work on not thinking them). What I will be doing is welcoming an abundance of connections into my life. And by connections, I mean that I want to feel some type of connection with people, both men and women.

I’m at a place in my life where I want to let people in, I want to feel connected. When I was younger it wasn’t an issue, I had lots of close friends. Then when my marriage ended I closed myself off. I built up walls. I couldn’t connect with men or women.

I think I have knocked down some of those walls or at least have punched a few holes in them. So this means that it is time for me to welcome an abundance of connections into my life.

English: Palm island to the left

English: Palm island to the left (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is harder now though. We are no longer kids playing together in a sandbox, we are now adults with our own versions of baggage. I can’t make others leave their baggage elsewhere but I can do my best to let mine go. I’ve been working on that and will continue to work on that.

Connecting with others on a personal level will lend itself well to living a happier life. No man is an island, no woman either.

Compliment 7 People in 7 Days

I’ve been slacking on my 52 Actions so this upcoming week I’m going to try extra hard to do this one. It’s an easy one but pretty important. Compliment 7 People in 7 Days.

I mean, who can’t compliment 7 people in 7 days?

In fact, it’s so easy that I dare you to join me. I dare you to compliment 7 people in 7 days. Even if just 2 of us do it then 14 people get compliments. If 3 of us do then 21 people get compliments. You see where I’m going.

So I triple-dog dare you to join me in complimenting 7 people in 7 days. You know you wanna. Just do it, you’ll be glad you did.

And to inspire you further, listen to Kid President, he’s pretty smart and says that you should do it too!

I Have a New, Single Neighbour

I have this new neighbour who moved in two houses down from me a couple of months ago.

We’ve said hi and waved in passing a few times. I’m quite sure he’s a single dad as I’ve seen him and his kids but no one else around, well his dog is there too. If I had to guess, I would say there was no girlfriend or wife though.

He looks close to my age so in my over-active imagination I thought that perhaps we might hit it off and he could be my new potential boyfriend. I love how my over-active imagination is not reality-based at all, lol.

I finally chatted with him today. I was hanging out clothes (probably the last time this year) and he was on his deck smoking a cigarette (Strike #1). We were talking with a house between us but, it was pretty quiet so not that hard to do. I learned that he has a pre-teen and a teen, both boys. I learned that he seems to be anti-US and I learned that he doesn’t monitor what his kids do online. All in all, it was a pretty short chat but I have to say I did not feel a connection. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even feel a need to chat with him again.

Why is it that there are so many single men in the world but finding a compatible one is such a hard thing to do? I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with this guy, other than he smokes, but he just did not seem like my type. Maybe I’m judging too soon, we only spoke for as long as it took him to smoke his cigarette. Maybe we have lots in common and I’m just assuming we don’t.

I’m sure I’ll chat with him again if the opportunity arises but the weather is getting colder so I probably won’t run into him much until Spring. Maybe he’ll seem more interesting then and maybe he’ll have given up smoking.

Or maybe he has a snow blower and he’ll take pity on me this Winter… haha, there goes my over-active imagination again.

Coding From Scratch

I took an HTML/CSS course yesterday.

Since I have a blog and have occasionally thought about hosting it on my own, it seemed like a good idea to increase my skills. This one day course was just the thing to get me thinking about coding again and taught me some cool CSS stuff which I had no idea how to do. As a matter of fact, look at what I made!

my websitemy website2The content of the webpage is not overly exciting but I styled it all myself, there was no template. I made my personal image float to the left, centred things, put fancy, rounded squares around my other images, and made the menu bar stick to the top of the page. Plus some other exciting CSS things :P.

I know you’re thinking “this girl is geeky”, but it’s true, I enjoyed myself. It was fun starting with a blank page and filling it up from scratch.

And if that isn’t enough for you, it was social too. I got out of the house and met some new people. I also chatted with some people I already knew who were taking the course. As a matter of fact, I had lunch with one of my good friends this week and neither of us mentioned that we were taking this, and lo and behold, birds of a feather I guess.

This one day course even got me thinking about programming again. I was a programmer a lifetime ago. Those skills have not been flexed in a long time but there are lots of jobs in that field so it’s got me thinking. Not sure how much thinking I’m going to do but thinking nonetheless.


My First Cooking Class

Dinner was delicious and I did not have to cook it.
IMG_20130827_191913 IMG_20130827_200325IMG_20130827_194435 IMG_20130827_201455

I went to my first cooking class last night. I didn’t do any of the actual cooking but the chef prepared the food in front of us so that we could replicate the dishes later and he gave us some awesome cooking tips during the preparation. Tips like how to get more juice out of your lime or how to easily peel your garlic clove. He also showed us how to pit a peach and an easy way to shred cabbage. He also said that you should never use Pam (cooking spray) as it contains propane, ewwww, that seems like a bad thing to have in your food-related products.

In addition to the tips he shared, we got to eat the 4 course meal that he cooked for us. We started with a Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Peanut Sauce, then a simple corn, tomato and avocado salad, followed by chicken enchilada pasta and we finished the night with a pineapple, blueberry and peach crumble. My favourites were the vermicelli noodle salad and the chicken enchilada pasta but it was all very good. The crumble had a coconut and almond crust on it as opposed to the regular oat crust and it was very easy to make. I might try it myself some time but I think I will leave out the pineapple. I like pineapple but it was not my favourite in the crumble.

One of the reasons I wanted to take the course was as a way to meet new people. So in addition to eating some yummy food, I also chatted with the woman next to me. The class was a mix of couples and singles and several of the attendees were regulars.

I’m really glad I finally made it there. It’s a nice evening out, I learned some cooking tips AND I got to eat delicious food, all for $15. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I definitely want to go again. The only problem with the class is that it is on Tuesdays, which is also badminton night. But now that I know how good it is, I will have to make the time for it again.

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