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5 Signs You May Not be Ready to Date Yet After Breaking Up With Your Ex

I went on a date with a great guy. He’s easy to talk to, we have things in common, he’s cute… but I’m not sure being separated for 6 months is enough time…

You May Not be Ready to Date Yet After Breaking Up With Your Ex
  1. The apartment you live in is practically empty because all of your stuff is still “stored” at your ex’s place even though it’s been 6 months
  2. You still have “family” day on Sundays
  3. Your ex brings you a present back from her mini-vacation
  4. You stay at your ex’s place with the kids while she is on said vacation
  5. You still refer to her as your wife when discussing her with your date

Now he assures me that he is not getting back together with his ex, but I just dated someone who was recently separated and it ended due to him being unsure of whether he still had feelings for his ex or not.

I’m going out with this new guy again, but as I said before, I will be sure to take things super slow. It will be good practice for me as I am terrible at taking things super slow, lol. Plus, the “friend” route is probably the best way to go until I can get a better indication of where things are heading.

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