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I Love Walking

walkingWhile I was out doing my regular loop around the neighbourhood, a thought popped into my head. The thought was, “I love walking”. It felt a little weird for some reason, I guess I always knew that I enjoyed walking but it seemed weird to frame a specific thought around it.

Part of the reason why I enjoy walking more now than I used to is that I tend to be more in the present while walking. I like to focus on the strength in my legs, the feel of my muscles, the breeze blowing, and the outdoor sounds. The other big reason I like it is because walking makes me feel healthy.

Just under two years ago, I had some kind of infection in my thigh. The doctors weren’t 100% sure what it was, but, they thought it could have been cellulitis. Anyway, the infection was debilitating, I could barely walk. But being a single mom, I kept going to work and running errands, looking after things even though I could barely limp around some days.

The whole thing was pretty scary. They didn’t know what it was and the regular antibiotics weren’t working. At one point they gave me the super-bug antibiotics and told me to continue to take the regular ones at the same time. That eventually did the trick but in the meantime I hobbled so much that I strained both of my ankles and they swelled up too.

This swelling caused me to think that the infection was spreading and I called my sister crying and having a minor panic attack. The doctors reassured me that the drugs were finally working and that my ankles were swollen due to strain and not infection.

I ended up going to physio to speed up the healing process and since then everything has been fine. But there is nothing like a good scare to make you appreciate your health a bit more.

So when I walk, I like to feel my muscles working and feeling strong. It’s a good feeling that reminds me how lucky I am to be healthy.

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