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Looking for a Dreamless Sleep

zzzzzzzzEver since I asked my Inner Wise Self to help me dream up the end to my short story I have been dreaming every night.

I know, they say that everyone dreams every night but in my case, I don’t usually remember my dreams. And yet, every day, for the last week, I have woken in the morning with some remnant of a dream hanging on. The problem with this whole scenario is that I’m also feeling pretty exhausted. All this dream remembering is making me tired.

Tonight, I am hoping for a solid nights sleep. I’d love to wake rested and full of energy in the morning. That almost never happens so I’d be happy with no dreams. I want to wake feeling like I actually slept all night instead of running a marathon or catching a train or having a picnic. I’m just making that stuff up, I’m so tired that I can’t retain the dreams for long in the morning, I only know I woke up having them but can’t remember what they are about.

Please, Inner Wise Self, I have written my short story, now I would like some sleep.

Strength and Sleep – 2 Fun Poems

English: Quill pen

English: Quill pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t written poetry in years, but for some reason I have been inspired to play with my words a bit and in doing so I have written something that is different from my norm. I won’t say that these are good poems, I will just say that they are fun and they were written rather quickly in a couple of bursts of inspiration. This is what happens when you vow to write more on whatever pops into your head.

The Different Sides of Strength

Muscles, sinew, flesh

Pushing, pulling, lifting

Brawny, oiled, tanned

Savagely grunting



Principles, grit, substance

Dedicating, persevering, committing

Tenacious, insistent, resolute

Steadfastly enduring



Tenderness, Comfort, Warmth

Reaching, supporting, assisting

Loyal, soft, generous

Carefully embracing



Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

I pray to wake refreshed and renewed

I pray I’m not being rude

For my wish is for rest and a good night’s sleep

It is not for doom or death to creep

I pray to wake upon the morrow

And not to be the cause of sorrow


All I need is 40 winks

To work out all the clunks and clinks

Or perhaps I could use a few more

I’m not as young as I was before

Sleep eludes me some of the time

But when I receive it it is sublime

It wraps me in its warm embrace

And takes me to a peaceful place


But I still want to wake up in the morn

Feeling rejuvenated and reborn

For I have lots of things to do

Some things old and some of them new

Each day is a gift to celebrate

So wake me up I cannot wait

To explore, to create, to start, to wrap

Perhaps I’ll take a little nap.

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