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I Went to See a Medium Today

It was different than I expected. I had been to a medium before, many years ago, so I was open to the experience. My spiritual guide, Mandy or Amanda was there to help me. Apparently we had connected before, I don’t remember the name of the guide from years ago so I will have to take her word for it that it was the same one.

One of the things I asked her about was this blog and she said I should keep writing it. It is cathartic for me, I enjoy it and apparently some people are reading it and can identify with what I’m saying, so it looks like you are stuck with me until at least the end of the year.

She told me it was time for me to move on and fall in love again. So here it is universe, I am ready for love again, feel free to introduce me to the man of my dreams. She said the guy I am dating may or may not be that guy. She also told me that my friend Tom, who I just broke up with, was in love with me, whether he was or not is irrelevant I guess since she said I need a man with some backbone and he is not that guy.

She told me that I would get a job!!! She could see me working in August, woo hoo. She said that it may not be the job I am waiting on as they may hire someone else to whom they can pay less $$$. She also said she could see me changing fields. She said that I need to remember that I am smart and will learn any job quickly. I’m definitely open to changing fields so we will see what happens in the next couple of months. I super hope that she is right about me working soon!!

She talked to me about my kids and told me that I had done a good job with them. That they are good kids – it’s true, they really are. She could see that I am a hands-on mother. She could see that they really listen to me and that I need to have faith that they will do the right thing. (And faith not just in them but myself and others too. Apparently I have been disappointed a lot.)

She also said that I will continue to have some conflict with my oldest until she is 18 (that is not a revelation though, most teen girls and their mothers have issues). She told me my youngest will go into something math-related, possibly engineering. She told me that my youngest is stubborn (ha, I guess she is) and she said that we won’t fight as much because she will just say “No”.

My grandmother came to see me. She was happy to have passed on, she was so unhappy these last few years that I am glad she is happier now. Several years ago she told me that I chased my husband away, it was really hurtful and I stopped talking to her for a long period of time. I didn’t need that negativity in my life. She apologized for hurting me. She told me that she used the wrong words and that I will be happier with my next husband. Next husband??? That surprised me a little as there are many days that I have been sure that I will be single forever. My grandmother also said my youngest gets the stubbornness from me and I get it from my Dad. (I never said I wasn’t stubborn, lol.) Apparently my Dad is going to have some health issues this Fall; nothing too serious but he doesn’t like that he is getting older.

My spirit guide said that my health is good. One issue that I have though is that I get tight muscles when stressed. That happens to A LOT of people so I don’t think that is ground-breaking. She also said that the inside of my knees can get tight but good health overall. I haven’t noticed any real knee issues unless you count how they crack when I walk up and down stairs, lol.

I was really hoping for some direction and clarity but she seemed to think I am on the right path. She does feel that I need to dig deep for some of the confidence that I used to have and remember to give myself credit when credit is due. Therefore, I will continue to plod on, I will be open to love in my life, and in theory, I will find another job. I guess everything just takes time.

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