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Knock Me Down with a Feather – I’m Excited About Exercise

A "body opponent bag" on a pedestal ...

A “body opponent bag” on a pedestal mount. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My youngest has wanted to take a boxing class for ages. I finally tracked down a small place in town that does all ages classes. I decided to try it out with her and last night was our first night.

What a workout!

My eyelids were sweating by the time we got out of there. Luckily I have been exercising some during the last year otherwise I never would have made it through the class. The warm up and cool down consisted of jumping jacks, skipping, sit-ups, push ups, squats, bicycle sit-ups, oh my God. Then we put on the gloves and did boxing drills. Punching bags, in the ring, more punching bags. We even gave this suspicious looking guy a shot to the chin.

I was exhausted when we got out of there and I can feel those sit-ups today. I think we’re going to go back though. This is something that we can do together and we had a good time doing it. The only downside is that the gym smells like a gym by the end of the workout. Ewww!

So even though I can’t fit badminton into my schedule when I have the kids I will definitely be able to make this work if I’m going WITH the kids. Did I mention badminton starts next week? I’m very excited.

Who knew I’d be excited about exercising??

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