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I Love Water Slides!

IMG00676-20130801-1829I’m 44 years old and I still love water slides. Every year I take my kids and other assorted people (normally my sister(s) and niece and nephews but sometimes friends) and we head to the slides.

On the hot days, like this past Thursday, the park is crazy and packed. Especially since it was also a couple of days before the long weekend. The line-ups are long but we’re there for the whole day so we manage to get lots of water fun in.

IMG00678-20130801-1831We’ve also been there on the rainier, colder days. The crowds are much smaller so even though some of the kids complain about the weather, we get a multitude of slides in a much shorter period of time and can leave earlier.

My oldest still enjoys the water slides but she is at the point where she has “been there, done that” and is often ready to leave before I am. Luckily we brought one of her friends this year so I only had to hear that for a short amount of time. Most of the time they were off together having fun.

IMG00674-20130801-1207Heights are not my thing, so I don’t really care for the slides that practically drop straight to the ground but I do like to go fast. I seem to be particularly speedy and I don’t think a summer has passed where I haven’t hit someone on a slide. This year was no different.

There are no brakes on those slides so I have become adept at passing in the slide. This year, I hit a woman on the shoulder with my hip as I flew past her. She was not too happy (and neither was I, I hate hitting people on the slides, it’s nerve-wracking) but no one was hurt and we continued on our way. I wish the life guards would be more careful when they tell you it is safe to go down the slide. Trust me, no one likes water slide collisions.

Anyway, in spite of the slight crash, we had a fantastic day. It’s probably the only time we’ll go this summer but we’ll be back next year. I hope you find time for some summer fun before the summer’s over!

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