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Month 7 Check-In

Month 7 of my project has come to a close and I have to say that I am pretty happy about a few different things:

  1. I have lost 15 pounds in the last 7 months. It is directly related to less snacking, more eating when I am actually hungry, and the increased intake of fruits and veggies. (My photographer is not around so I will have to add a photo later.)
  2. I have written over 120 blog posts. Not all of them have been stellar but they all have been written by me.
  3. I taught my youngest how to ride her bike. We both learned about perseverance, practice and dedication to a goal. When I couldn’t figure out how teach her the first, second or even third time, I re-grouped and came up with a new plan. You can accept failure or you can keep at it; and when you are on the verge of giving up, try a new approach… this is an important life lesson.

Here’s the round-up for the rest of my overall goals:

Eating more fruits and veggies/ day – I had a little challenge for July and although it didn’t go perfectly, I did eat a lot of smoothies and salads which is part of the reason I am down a total of 15 pounds for the year. Now if I could do something about my junk food problem then the pounds would probably melt off.

Exercising – I don’t seem to have a regular habit but I’m doing some walking, yoga and just getting outside more.

Blog 4 times/ week – Pretty on target here, some weeks have 3 posts and some have 5 so things have evened themselves out. By the end of the year I should have over 200 posts :P.

Putting myself out there more and creating better relationships – July just zipped by, as the summer months tend to do. I didn’t meet as many of my friends in person as I would have liked, but there have been IM’s and texts and future plans so all is well on this front.

52 Actions – I’m not as focused on my weekly goals as I have been in the past but I have not completely forgotten about them either. I think I am going to try to pare them down a little bit so I have a better chance of achieving them. Plus I have added monthly challenges and they seem to be top of mind for me these days.

Getting a job – Still no job. I actually had one woman tell me that she wanted to hire me but I did not get the job, it was re-posted instead due to their internal BS. I have a friend who works there and he told me I didn’t want to work there anyway as the political atmosphere and boys club mentality is rampant. I have another outstanding interview that I should hear about next week and I have also touched base with a placement agency.  Plus I have done a small amount of volunteering to get me out of the house. Something has got to happen soon!!

General happiness – The whole dating side of things causes me unhappiness. You would think that searching out a life partner or someone special would lead to good things but mostly it just leads to headaches, lol. I am still in touch with Kirk, I know I said I wouldn’t be but I faltered… something akin to a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, lol. Anyway, there was a big fight, we did resolve it but the pretty shine has been smudged. The texting frequency has gone way down and we are still having trouble finding time to see each other. I don’t see this as long term, but I’m going to let it play out for a bit and we’ll just see what happens. To counteract the unhappiness, I have decided to try meditating for the month of August. It certainly can’t hurt things and I hope it will help.

My conclusion based on the first 7 months: I am heading in the right direction but still have a long way to go. Thanks for joining me on my journey!!

Data Entry, Not Just for Volunteers

On an impulse I signed up to do some volunteering. It’s nothing very exciting, just some data entry, but it got me out of the house yesterday for a few hours. I am helping the Conservation Council compile the water access spots in the province. Basically it is taking some information out of binders and putting it into a spreadsheet. It will take several days to get it all done so perhaps this is the right kind of positive energy to put out there to get me a paying job.

The great thing about volunteering is there is no interview process. They don’t even care what your skills are. You just say you can do something, they assume that you are telling the truth, then they put you to work. Simple. It’s kind of refreshing actually after the multitude of interviews that I have been on. There is someone out there who assumes I am a good fit and can do the work.

I know, I know. This is not a full-time job so they don`t have to determine if I would fit in for more than a few days or weeks but I do think the whole interview process could be better than it is.

As for the volunteering, I could have picked something more fun to do than data entry, but the Conservation Council interests me so I thought I`d give it a try.

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